Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Hi, dear friends.

As you can see by looking at my photos I love London. I think it is a wonderful city to visit and to know. I can't get over the feeling that although it is one of the most important capitals of the world, you can actually feel at ease there and quite at home. When you leave it, you are already longing to return .


  1. Oh, Sandra, I am CRAZY about London! =) I really understand what you mean. London is an incredible, fantastic, amazing city! Looking so much forward to going back there... When are we leaving, Sandra? ;)

  2. Sandra, sweetie, I *may* have made a mistake when writing my post about having lunch with my friends. What I should have said is:

    "I am waiting for some friends, but obviously not THE BEST friends, to go out and have lunch with them. These people aren't even really friends, just two girls who didn't refuse going out for lunch with me. Actually I don't know them very well. They are nothing when compared with Sandra Torcato!"

    Am I forgiven??

    When are we leaving, by the way??

  3. Susana you are back to the friendship world. I knew I had misunderstood your text. We are best friends forever!

  4. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra... (shaking my head from right to left)
    My dear, I *HAVE* invited you! It's not my fault if you can't check your e-mail account properly! Hmpf! ( =D )

  5. Sandra... now you got me thinking I have been too hard on you... *sigh* You are so right. Who could be his/her normal self after those oral examinations??? Gosh, they were awful... =( Really depressing. No further comments. Let's cry together! (so much drama, hahaha!)