Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hello, my faithful readers!

I know you were waiting for this moment when you visit my blog hoping to find some inspirational words of wisdom. Well your waiting paid off. (Ah, Ah, Ah, I told mine was a space for fun and entertainment.)
Whenever you feel like sharing a thought or a moment in your day this is the right place for you.
Today I spent a great afternoon with three of my close friends, chatting and laughing in a terrace while drinking tea and eating scones. These simple pleasures in life can make a difference...
Enjoy life!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sandra... you have NO idea how I longed for such a lovely moment of peace and quiet enjoying your talented, unforgettable words... indeed, life is meant to be enjoyed, my dear! Tea and scones, ah... how nice! =)
    I will be looking forward to reading more from you. You know I'll be waiting anxiously.
    (you are aware that people will think we're nuts... right???)